Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Marketing whether done via email, letter, telephone or television is very important for your business. Whether you run an established business or are a startup, you’d need to engage audience and potential clients at every available platform, email being just one of those.
Email marketing is not loud and fast, but it is subtle and effective. With effective and good email marketing campaign you can reach your clients and customers with offers, deals, changes in your company policy, promotions, and tell them what you as a company has to offer to them. With effectively done email marketing, you are linking together and connecting with a wide range of audience and with what? Just a single email.

What does email marketing has to offer?

  1. Email marketing allows you to send out your message to large number of target audience.
  2. You can have a variety of email campaigns suited for various needs of your diverse range of audience including automated emails, promotional emails etc.
  3. 95% of the online users have email accounts and with email marketing you can reach them with just a single mail.
  4. You can send targeted messages to your audience with personalization based on their needs and preference.
  5. Create brand awareness, brand loyalty and increases sales.

Benefits of Email marketing:
It is Simple:
Simple is better. Email marketing allows you to reach all your customers at the same time with absolutely no hassle at all. 95% of all internet users have email accounts and 50% of them check their emails at least once a day. With email marketing campaign, your message has a 50% chance of reaching its target, which is better than none.
It is Effective:
Email marketing is deemed the most effective digital marketing method of customer retention in US by marketers. It is most effective because it is fast. All you need to do is “click” and your message is delivered to your customers’ inbox. It is widely effective because when a customer subscribe to your mailing list he is expecting updates on new products and any offers he might be interested in. Once he sees what he likes in his inbox, he is very likely to take an action right there and then, thereby making it the most efficient and effective marketing channel out there.
It is Trackable:
Marketing is done in order to see measurable, precise results and email marketing wins this round. With email marketing you can tract precise results that can help you better your marketing campaign and increase your ROI and close rate. Another upside of these metrics generated from email marketing is that these measures are not mere numbers. They tell you about your customers’ likings and disliking and how you can improve your product to please your customer.
It is Low cost:
For small business owners email marketing is the safest, low cost, and effective method of reaching their customers. As mentioned above, for every $1 you invest in email marketing campaign, there is a return of $40. In other words, whether you own an established business or are just starting up, email marketing is your fool proof method of reaching ever customer with just pennies per message.
It has a Wide spread reach:
80% of the user open emails on their mobiles. This means that you are reaching your customer at all hours of the day. They don’t have to actively check mail or buy a magazine or watch television to receive your message. Even if emails are not being opened on mobile, they are sitting there in your customers’ inbox until they either read it or delete it. But the point to be noted is that your message is being conveyed effectively without it being lost in the way.

To summarize:

With every $1 you spend on email marketing there is a $40 return of investment (ROI).

Email marketing is the most measurable of all the marketing strategies a company can employ.

Email marketing allows you to see which campaign is more effective and what are your customer’s needs.

Emails are hard to miss, thereby emails allow your business to reach out to all your customers in a single go.

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